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Jan. 2—Bridger featured by Annie Douglass Lima

Bridger: a Dystopian Serial was featured by author Annie Douglass Lima on her blog, Letters from Annie Douglass Lima.


Jan. 5—Bridger Featured on Write Stuff Radio

Author Parker J. Cole featured the first episode of Bridger on the Write Stuff Radio blog, and subsequent episodes every week.


Jan. 17—Bridger Review by Casia Schreyer

Author and publisher Casia Schreyer reviewed Bridger on her website.

Ms. Wichers’ writing style does not disappoint. I’ve read three of her four earlier works (and the fourth is on my TBR list) and she is perhaps my favourite local author. I rank her among my all-time favourites as well. She has a knack for natural, complex, characters and builds backstory gradually, letting the reader put the pieces together.